Major Cloud Challenges

14 June 22

The cloud offers many benefits, but adaptation presents challenges. In addition to cost optimization and security, governance, aptitude, compliance, and migration all challenge new adapters.

Cost Optimization

Cloud solutions offer unprecedented flexibility and agility, with cost derived from selected plan(s) and/or resources used. Companies of all sizes can benefit from cloud adaptation and transformation.


Modern enterprise architecture faces several security concerns, including ransomware, supply chain attacks, and cloud security. Social engineering, phishing, and employee decisions all escalate these issues.


Cloud transformation continues to grow. While governments and other public entities move to the cloud, cloud service applications have continued to grow, and hybrid cloud adaptation continues.


The centralized nature of cloud-based solutions necessitates both legal and internal data-sharing policies. Remaining compliant to all policies is of upmost importance.

Aptitude & Migration

Cloud-based solutions require a specific skillset from IT admins. This ultimately comes down to necessitating training to increase employee aptitude to ensure the cloud provides business benefits over legacy software.