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Data science investments are driving competition in private sectors. More than 87% of businesses in logistics, healthcare manufacturing, and retail industries are using artificial intelligence, data pipelines, and advanced automation integrations to be competitive.


Public Sector

Get an in-depth understanding of the Public Healthcare utilization and needs to make data driven policy decisions. Our data solutions can provide real-time insights with real-world context so that your agency can identify new opportunities and evaluate service coverage.

Datalysys can assist Govt Agencies, Audit & Actuarial firms in this sector with data services like aggregation, transformation and modeling of healthcare data across systems and help develop analytics that can instrumental in:

  • Measure Performance
  • Monitor Member Enrollment
  • Ensure Data Accuracy
  • Monitor Network Adequacy
  • Develop Risk Level Cohorts
  • Understand Health Outcomes
  • Identify Effective Interventions
  • Track Costs & Compare Service Availability
  • Predict the Financial Impact of New Initiatives
  • Measure the Financial Benefits of Existing Program


A sound claims modeling strategy is a fundamental requirement in quickly identifying the cost of care and utilization trends. Proprietary cloud-based data solutions from Datalysys seamlessly integrate data from various sources to develop models which:

  • Informs the C-suite on outliers' utilization data points that require immediate attention.
  • Utilize risk scores to classify and manage high-risk patients allowing your organization to up the quality of care and optimize cost outcomes.
  • Allows our advanced HEDIS engine to identify quality performance trends and prioritize quality improvement initiatives.
  • Develops comprehensive cohort analytics to promote well-care, reduce costs and enhance organizational efficiency.
  • Incorporates the cost of care categories with utilization, risk, and quality metrics that allow health providers to focus on areas that require improvement.


Take the lead in a dynamic supply chain war with performance that is adaptable, agile, and personalized. The right data in the right places can eliminate inefficiencies that cost your business money. With fewer expenses going out, you’ll have more to work with to elevate your brand above the rest.

Imagine if you could reduce costs associated with work-related accidents using augmented video technology to enforce PPE? Or, consider how imaging technology can reduce picking errors and help you control what goes out the door.

Our innovative solutions put your unique data sets where you need them, when you need them so that you can:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Supply Chain Bottlenecks
  • Employ Automation to Prevent Errors
  • Drive Customer Satisfaction with Speed and Accuracy
  • Use Intelligent Forecasting to Anticipate Demands Fluctuations
  • Create a Safer Working Environment
  • Overall Increase your Supply Chain Efficiency by At Least 10%.


E-commerce is booming. Despite tactile challenges, consumers are still magnetically drawn to digital channels for brand interaction and shopping experiences. Data and technology integrations are driving innovation in the retail industry, enabling brands to reach the right customers with personalized interactions and deliver big on their digital experiences.

Our data-driven technology solutions can help your retail business:

  • Boost Sales with Accurate Product Recommendations
  • Cut Losses with Improved Fraud Detection
  • Reach a Broader Customer Base with Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences
  • Personalize Marketing with Predictive Marketing Campaigns
  • Optimize Pricing, Cross-Selling Opportunities, Inventory Management, and more


Are you doing enough to reduce production downtime? There’s a good chance that your competitors are doing more. Datalysys can help you find the right data streams and integrate solutions that bring technologies like AI, automation, and smart forecasting into your workflows.

Imagine the difference that you could make if you could take key details from handwritten maintenance logs and cross-reference them with context mined from shop images. The right data could effortlessly solve your biggest productivity problems–all on autopilot.

Our innovative data integrations can:

  • Process Your Unstructured Data
  • Predict Your Maintenance Needs
  • Improve Quality Control by Up to 90%
  • Forecast Consumer Demand with Accuracy
  • Enable Faster Responses with Demand-Sensing Technology
  • Improve Inventory Management & Cut Costs on Wastes by an Average 20-30%

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is facing new challenges to remain competitive as energy tech advances the options on the market.

Data analytics and the power of AI-driven automation can be the key to building a brighter future in the oil and gas industry.

Datalysys is your partner for strategic, data-driven enhancements that support:

  • Human Safety
  • Production Cost Efficiency
  • Predictive Analysis for Maintenance
  • Simplify Drilling, Production & Delivery