Supply Chain

Catapult operations with smart decisions

Analytics comes to you with valuable insights into operations which gives significant benefits like increased efficiency, cost savings, improved risk management, and better customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Analytics

Manage risk in supply chain by analyzing data on supplier performance, delivery times, and inventory levels. Identify potential disruptions and take proactive measures to mitigate them. While you gain a competitive advantage, keep on identifying new opportunities to optimize the supply chain strategy.

Use of advanced analytical tools and techniques to analyze large volumes of data from various sources, including historical sales data, market trends, and real-time data, help businesses make accurate demand forecasts. There is greater penetrability in operations, including supplier performance, inventory levels, and order fulfillment status. That helps identify and address bottlenecks and inefficiencies resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

Identifying potential risks and disruptions in operations like supply shortages, transportation delays, and natural disasters is critical. With actionable insights and recommendations from advanced analytics and modeling techniques, businesses can improve their supply chain agility and respond more quickly to changes in demand or supply. Optimizing supply chain operations, reducing costs, and improving overall business performance is superbly fluid.

  • Open Commitments
  • Spend Analytics
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Quote Evaluation
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Contract Compliance
  • MRP – Materials Requirement Planning
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Safety Stock Management
  • Inventory Compliance
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Batch Management
  • Scale Management


  • Transportation Planning
  • Rail Logistics
  • Barge Logistics
  • Truck Logistics
  • Yard Management

Tailormade Success Metrics for optimum operations

Optimized inventory levels, reduced transportation costs and improved supplier performance

Faster cycle times, reduced lead times, and improved customer service levels

Make better inventory planning decisions and reduce stockouts and overstocks

Improved supplier relationships, increased supply chain visibility, and reduced risk

Enhance customer satisfaction by reducing lead times, and ensuring on-time delivery

Improved supplier relationships, increased supply chain visibility, and reduced risk

Collaborate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, logistics providers, to develop solutions